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WCP Questionnaire

OPD's Wrongful Conviction Project focuses primarily on wrongful conviction claims that do not involve DNA evidence. These claims include, but are not limited to, allegations of flawed science, witness misidentification, and false confessions. The Project is designed to remove wrongfully convicted persons from Ohio prisons, and to promote policy changes that will prevent wrongful convictions in the future. The Project works to educate others on the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions, also serving as a resource for those working in the field.

The Project evaluates claims we receive from people who meet the following criteria: the person was convicted and is incarcerated in Ohio; the person claims factual innocence of the convictions; the person did not contribute in any way to the commission of the offense; and the person has exhausted their timely appellate process. People referred to the Project will be asked to complete a questionnaire. If they meet the Project’s criteria, their case will be referred to a law student or other volunteer to consider the merits of their claim. Please note that the evaluation process is a lengthy one; it may take a year or longer to begin assessing a given case.

OPD's Wrongful Conviction Project is a member of the Innocence Network, which is made up of approximately 70 organizations worldwide that work independently and collaboratively to free the innocent.

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