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Attorney Qualifications & Exemption Guidance

Ohio Administrative Code

The Ohio Public Defender Commission substantially revised Chapter 120 of the Ohio Administrative Code, effective December 1, 2015. The new OAC can be found online here.
Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code section 120-1-10, appointed counsel must meet the following requirements to qualify for state reimbursement:

Adult Appeals   Felonies   Juvenile Cases
Capital Cases   Juvenile Appeals   Misdemeanors


OPD Standards of Representation

These standards promote quality representation and uniformity of practice throughout Ohio for attorneys who represent juveniles in delinquency cases and adults in criminal cases. The standards were written with the difficulties of day-to-day practice in mind, but also with the goal of improving the quality of representation. While adjustments may be necessary to apply these standards in practice, jurisdictions should strive to meet their fundamental principles and spirit.