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Forensic Training Unit

"Little rigorous systemic research has been done to validate the basic premises and techniques in a number of forensic science disciplines."

-- National Research Council


Since 2014, OPD has sent attorneys to the annual National Forensic College, sponsored by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. The College is designed to train attorneys from around the country on forensic science issues, so that those attorneys can return to their home states and train others. Our attorneys have taken what they’ve learned and formed the Forensics Training Unit. The purpose of the Unit is two-fold: to provide support and guidance for attorneys litigating junk science issues, and to provide training to attorneys around Ohio. Our overriding goal is to improve representation throughout the state of Ohio in cases involving forensic science issues.

Forensic Training Unit Staff

The members of the Forensic Training Unit come from various departments across OPD. Please feel free to contact us using the email addresses below or by filling out the Forensic Training Form.

Contact the Forensic Training Unit at Forensics@opd.ohio.gov.

Victoria Bader Victoria.Bader@opd.ohio.gov
Chase Carter Chase.Carter@opd.ohio.gov
Patrick Clark Patrick.Clark@opd.ohio.gov
Alexander Keane Alexander.Keane@opd.ohio.gov
Samantha Kovacevic Samantha.Kovacevic@opd.ohio.gov
Erika LaHote Erika.Lahote@opd.ohio.gov
Katherine Materni Katherine.Materni@opd.ohio.gov
Kim Rigby Kim.Rigby@opd.ohio.gov
Cristin Roush Cristin.Roush@opd.ohio.gov
Joanna Sanchez Joanna.Sanchez@opd.ohio.gov
Katherine Sato Katherine.Sato@opd.ohio.gov
Addison Spriggs Addison.Spriggs@opd.ohio.gov
Jared Strubel Jared.Strubel@opd.ohio.gov
Matt Trent Matthew.Trent@opd.ohio.gov