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OPD Online

About OPD Online

OPD Online is a web-based application designed to provide public defenders throughout the State of Ohio with one unified system to manage contacts, cases, calendars, documents, and billing. The core of OPD Online is a shared contact database of every person involved in the criminal justice and juvenile justice system, so that every piece of information put into the system is connected to the network of people the system impacts. Offices can create cases related to those contacts to track and organize the work they do for their clients. Then, users can relate documents, notes, billing information, and events and to-do lists to each case, providing a way to track all activity related to that case in one easy-to-use system.

Because OPD Online is a web-based application, a user can access the system from a laptop or tablet from any location with an internet connection. Whether in court, visiting a client in jail, or just making some quick case notes while traveling, attorneys can be mobile and still have real-time access to their case files and calendar. The system will reduce the need for an attorney to carry bulky paper client files, large documents, and paper calendars everywhere they go. With real-time access, any information changed in a user's home office will be accessible within seconds of the change. OPD Online also provides tracking, reporting, mail merging, and other tools needed for daily office functions.

On top of providing critical case-management tools to those who represent poor Ohioans, OPD Online will also provide state-wide data about what is happening in indigent defense. This will allow us to get a big-picture view we've never had before, and in the long run, OPD Online will eliminate the need for public defender offices to send monthly case reports back to our office.

In short, OPD Online will help people advocate for Ohio's most vulnerable citizens, streamline the work in offices already struggling to keep up with caseloads, and give OPD the data we need to advocate all over the state for better funding and organization of the indigent-defense system.

Click here to access OPD Online.

OPD Online Help Desk Support

The Office of the Ohio Public Defender has a dedicated staff ready to assist users with all issues involving OPD Online. This includes:

  • Login errors and password resets.
  • Application issues and/or questions.
  • Onboarding new users.
  • Bugs or issues with the application.

For all urgent matters, contact the OPD Online staff via telephone during normal business hours. For all other questions or issues, email the OPD Online Help Desk at helpdesk@opd.ohio.gov. Sending an email to the OPD Online Help Desk will automatically create a ticket for tracking your issue, which allows the OPD Online team to solve your issue in a timely and effective manner. Only current OPD Online users are able to email the Help Desk.

OPD Online Help Desk

Hours of live support:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Help Desk Line: 614-644-1599

OPD Online Account and Password (Non-State Employees)

OPD Online uses the State of Ohio's MyOhio.gov application for account management services. All password resets and security recover options can be set up within the MyOhio.gov portal.

Your State of Ohio account password will expire every two months and need to be reset through MyOhio.gov. Users will receive and email notification when their password is about to expire and OPD Online will notify the user when they try to sign in with an expired password. To change your password, click on the person icon in the top right of MyOhio and click "Change Password".

All users are required to set up a security option for password recovery within MyOhio. To set up password recovery options, click on the person icon on the top right and click "Update Security Options". This area will provide three options for password recovery. If a password is ever forgoten, click the "Forgot Password" option on the login page to go through the recovery options.

OPD Online staff is unable to reset passwords for State of Ohio accounts. For this reason, we ask that OPD Online users set up self recovery options within MyOhio. If login issues persist, contact the State of Ohio Customer Service Center at 614-644-6625.

OPD Online Training Portal

The OPD Online Training Portal is a comprehensive guide and reference tool for OPD Online users. The portal consists of a complete training curriculum for users who are just getting started with OPD Online, and for users who want more in-depth explanations for all of the features OPD Online has to offer. The portal is organized into topics and subsections to arm users with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate OPD Online.
As OPD Online is deployed to new offices, our team makes the training portal available to new users. Users must log in with their state of Ohio account to access the OPD Online training portal. If you have questions about the portal, or if you need to access it and have not received the information you need to do so, contact us.
Click here to access the OPD Online Training Portal on Ohio.gov