Evidence Rule 1002


Franklin County Criminal Law Casebook

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Evidence Rule 1002 -- Contents of Writings, Recordings and Photographs, Requirement of Original
El Grande Steak House v. Ohio Civil Rights Commission (1994), 99 Ohio App. 3d 557, 563-564 -- Tape recording and transcript were properly authenticated and admitted into evidence, even though portions were inaudible. Also see State v. Gotsis (1984), 13 Ohio App. 3d 282.
State v. Turvey (1992), 84 Ohio App. 3d 724, 734-735 -- Written and taped confessions are independent. Under the best evidence rule as set forth in Evid. R. 1002, the state may use the written confession without admitting the taped confession. See concurring and dissenting opinions as to why the defendant would have been able to introduce the taped confession during cross-examination.

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