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"In angry, defensive memo, Manhattan DA’s office withdraws bite mark evidence"

The Washington Post published an article today discussing the decision of the Manhattan DA's Office to withdraw bite mark evidence in its case against Clarence Dean. You can find the article here.  Here's the first paragraph:

"About a year ago, I published a four-part series on the use of bite mark evidence in criminal cases. To summarize, the series pointed out that there has never been any scientific research to support the notion that human bites are individually unique, and that even if this was true, there’s also no research to support the notion that human skin is capable preserving bite marks in a useful way. What little scientific research that has been done in fact undermines both assumptions. Nevertheless, the courts have been allowing bite mark evidence for four decades, and to date, not a single court in the country has ruled in favor of a challenge to its admissibility."

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