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Advances in DNA Testing Could Put Thousands of Texas Cases in Legal Limbo

Five days after a Houston woman was raped by two men, she was driving down the street when she spotted 16-year-old Josiah Sutton. She thought she recognized his hat, and then immediately identified him as one of her attackers. Claiming his innocence, Sutton obligingly provided investigators blood and saliva samples — but months later, in July 1999, that DNA evidence would be the linchpin in his conviction.

EJI Calls For Reforms in Access to Testing of Forensic Evidence After Another Innocent Man Is Exonerated in Alabama

EJI is calling on state officials to improve access to forensic testing after Beniah Dandridge became the second EJI client exonerated and released in the past six months after long-delayed testing proved his innocence. Mr. Dandridge was released last week after a faulty fingerprint match caused him to spend 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and Anthony Ray Hinton spent 30 years on Alabama’s death row after being wrongfully convicted of capital murder based on a faulty bullet match. In both of these cases, state officials kept innocent men in prison for years by refusing to conduct the tests that ultimately exonerated them.