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OPD is dedicated to providing support to criminal defense attorneys, investigators, and support staff across Ohio. To accomplish this goal, we've assembled a variety of resources and collected them in the Library. The Library is designed to be a starting point, and it includes a variety of resources, from broad-overview guides on different legal topics to county-specific links to sample motions. Below is a guide to the Library and the resources it contains. We hope the Library will help you make the most positive impact possible for your clients.

Criminal Law Casebook

The Criminal Law Casebook, Second Edition, originally written by Alan V. Adair and published by the Franklin County Public Defender in 2000. It is an ongoing project, intended to be an up-to-date resource for Ohio criminal defense attorneys.

The index to the site is now hyperlinked to provide quicker access to the material. The citations to recent cases are also hyperlinked to provide immediate access to the cases themselves. Where possible, the site includes hyperlinks to appellate briefs filed in these recent cases.

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County Resources

The County Resources page provides a unique, centralized resource for county-specific information relating to Ohio's indigent defense system, as well as links to relevant websites in each county.

At the county level, indigent defense services are provided by county public defender offices, not-for-profit corporations, court-appointed counsel, and OPD. The defense system used by each county is determined by the local board of county commissioners.

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Immigration Reference Guide

This page provides guidance on the immigration consequences of offenses in the Ohio Revised Code, specifically whether those offenses would, for deportation purposes, constitute aggravated felonies, controlled substance crimes, crimes involving moral turpitude, or any other class of possibly deportable offenses. This page also provides tips on how to approach cases where a noncitizen is charged with these crimes.

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Death Penalty Motions Manual

OPD's Death Penalty Motions Manual is an online resource to help trial attorneys address legal issues presented in their cases. Although developed for capital litigators, the Manual is designed to allow the user to easily edit out the capital case language and use the remainder of the motion in a non-capital case. To use the manual, browse through the topics until you find the form motion that addresses the issue you face. Download the document to your local computer, and then edit the document to include the caption and facts specific to your case.

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Juvenile Department - For Attorneys

For those who do not regularly practice in the juvenile court system, it can seem like a foreign country, because juvenile courts have their own language, their own rules, and their own customs and practices. We hope that the information, motions, and sample briefs offered here will prove helpful to even the most seasoned juvenile court practitioner.

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Pending Cases

This resource contains a list of cases currently pending on the merits in the Supreme Court of Ohio that are of interest to criminal defense lawyers. Cases are removed from this list as they are decided. Details for each case and a link to the case docket can be accessed by clicking on the case name. This list also indicates if OPD is involved, either as counsel for a party or as amicus.

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Pro Se Resources

Pro Se Resources are provided for those who need assistance with self-representation (filing "pro se"). OPD makes every effort to ensure that these packets are up to date, but users should review the current versions of all applicable statutes, rules, and regulations. OPD welcomes feedback on the content of these packets.

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Civil Impact of Criminal Convictions (CIVICC)

A database of Ohio's collateral consequences, searchable for: criminal offense or type of offense, to find out what legal barriers are likely to apply in addition to the court-imposed sentence; particular right or privilege, to find out what types of conviction might block a person from enjoying it; the legal side effects of a certain type, such as all the barriers to employment in a particular field.



Mitigation & Investigation Records and Resources

This resource includes information helpful to mitigation specialists and criminal investigators, including guidelines, templates, record request contacts and forms, a records checklist for capital case life history investigation, and links to online resources.

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