Search and Seizure - Table of Contents


Franklin County Criminal Law Casebook

Reproduced with permission from:
Timothy E. Pierce and the Franklin County Public Defender Office

A. The right to or expectation of privacy
B. Search defined
C. Seizure defined
D. The reasonableness standard
A. In general, when required
B. Issuance
(1) The requirement of a detached magistrate
(2) Sufficiency of information provided
(3) Form of the warrant
(4) Description of persons and places to be searched and items to be seized
C. Execution
(1) Nighttime searches
(2) The knock and announce rule
(3) Scope of search
(4) Seizure of items not listen in warrant
(5) Detention and search of persons on the premises
(6) Inventory and return
D. Wiretapping and electronic surveillance
A. Exigent Circumstances
B. Investigative detention
(1) Stop and frisk
(2) Luggage and packages
(3) Vehicles
C. Search incident to an arrest
(1) Arrestee's clothing and property in his immediate possession
(2) Search of the immediate vicinity
(a) Premises
(b) Vehicles
(3) Bodily intrusions
(a) Strip and body cavity searches
(b) Specimens and exemplars for forensic purposes
D. Abandonment
E. Consent searches
(1) Authority to give consent
(2) Voluntariness of consent
(3) Scope of consent
F. Plain View
G. Automobiles and other movable objects
(1) In general - expectation of privacy - exigent circumstances
(2) Packages, luggage and other objects
(3) Inventory searches
H. Administrative searches
I. School searches
J. Searches by private parties
K. Border searches
A. Origins, justification and general applicability
B. Constitutional versus statutory rights
C. Standing
D. The fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine
E. Expectations to the exclusionary rule
(1) Inevitable discovery
(2) Good faith
(3) The independent source doctrine

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