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Our Response to the Shooting Death of Jordan Edwards

The Wrongful Conviction Project and the Office of the Ohio Public Defender support and adopt the statement released by the Innocence Project on the death of an unarmed black youth killed recently by police in Dallas. 

“While the Innocence Project’s work focuses on freeing those who were wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, we’ve learned that these injustices often start at the earliest stages of police investigation and reflect the same bias and racism—implicit and certainly explicit—that we see at other points in the criminal justice system.”

Click here to read the full statement by the Innocence Project. 

The staff at the Wrongful Conviction Project and the Office of the Ohio Public Defender express our deep sadness and heartfelt sympathy to the family and loved ones of Jordan Edwards. The senseless death of Jordan Edwards is a solemn reminder of those in our own community who have experienced violence and lost loved ones at the hands of law enforcement. We call upon all of those involved in the criminal justice system in Columbus, and throughout Ohio, to respond to this crisis.

Like the Innocence Project, we, too, ask how many more people will suffer from this type of needless violence? When the police, as agents of the criminal justice system, violate the law, harming and even killing citizens of our community, it is done in opposition to their duty as officers, and it is contrary to the rights of our citizens. This sort of violence, predominantly against minority members of our community, is not only indicative of race and law enforcement issues, but also issues within our criminal justice system as a whole. As fellow members of the criminal justice system, we must be committed to working together to address and correct these issues, and to assert ourselves as stewards of fairness and equality within our flawed system of justice.

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