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Office of the Ohio Public Defender - New Website

Welcome to the Office of the Ohio Public Defender’s new website! Our old website served its purpose well for some time, but did not fully reflect the true nature of our agency’s work and commitment to our mission. And while it contained a wealth of information, it lacked the cohesive and organized structure it once had. So we decided to renovate our website to better demonstrate our commitment to serving our clients and improving indigent defense; enhancing the user experience; and ensuring that the website’s content is organized and accessible.
We are now proud to say that the first phase of our website overhaul is complete. While we are still developing additional content to be released in the next few months, the current version of the website is much more interactive and user-friendly and truly speaks to our agency’s mission.

On the website, you will find staff contact lists, information about the services provided by our agency, detailed descriptions of our divisions and departments, and current legal news. You will also notice that the website is fully functional at a computer or on a mobile device because the website layout condenses automatically to fit the screen of the device you are using.

If you have questions about our website updates, please contact Stephen Goldmeier

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