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Judge Overturns Conviction Of 'Making A Murderer' Subject Brendan Dassey

"The confession happened without a parent or another adult present, and investigators 'exploited the absence of such an adult by repeatedly suggesting that they were looking out for his interests,' the decision states."

Punishment That Doesn’t Fit the Crime

"The expansion of sex offender laws to include juveniles was based on the assumption that kids who sexually transgress cannot be reformed. However, research has shown this assumption to be false. Only 1 percent to 7 percent of children who commit sexual offenses will do it again — much lower than the 13 percent recidivism rates for adult sexual offenders."

Flawed System Causes Harm

"The stigma and collateral consequences of involvement in the criminal- and juvenile-justice systems create countless barriers to successful re-entry. Unfortunately, Ohio’s criminal-background-check system is so flawed, inaccurate and unable to comply with Ohio law that it increases these barriers, making successful re-entry even more difficult."


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