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Law You Can Use: Supreme Court of Ohio passes rule to end automatic shackling of juveniles

"Each court must develop a local rule creating a presumption against shackling. This means that the local court’s rule should allow juvenile shackling only when “there is no less restrictive alternative to the use of physical restraint” because the child poses “a current and significant threat to the safety of the child’s self or other persons in the courtroom” or there is a “significant risk the child will flee the courtroom.” If physical restraints are deemed necessary, the least restrictive restraint should be used and should not “unnecessarily restrict the movement of the child’s hands.”" 

Report: Juveniles Lack Legal Advice; Often Urged To Plead Guilty

"A report finds many juveniles accused of crimes never see a lawyer or receive ineffective legal advice. It finds if they do get an attorney, it is usually the least experienced or the most burned out."


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