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Alameda County is the First in State to Repeal Juvenile Justice Fees

"On July 12, 2016 the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to end the assessment and collection on all fees charged to parents and guardians with children in the juvenile justice system. The repeal, which is the first of its kind in the state, ends all fee assessment and collection, offering immediate relief to more than 2,900 families with outstanding debt and shielding thousands of families who pass through Alameda’s juvenile courts every year from future financial hardship."



Case Now Strong for Ending Probation’s Place As Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice

Ohio Supreme Court adopts rule for shackling of juveniles

The List

“When juveniles are found guilty of sexual misconduct, the sex-offender registry can be a life sentence."

The Truth about Juvenile False Confessions

"In a 2014 survey of law enforcement, almost all officers reported frequently using the same interrogation techniques on minors as on adults."

Controversial law charges people with murder for death at others' hand

"The felony murder rule, particularly as applied to minors, has no shortage of critics. Some legal experts argue that, much like other sweeping changes in how juveniles are treated in the criminal courts, the law should be curtailed or eliminated."

Juvenile Life Without Parole: An Overview

 "Most of the approximately 2,500 individuals sentenced as juveniles to life without the possibility of parole now have a chance for release in the wake of recent Supreme Court decisions. The choice to allow teenagers to receive the harshest available sentence is not shared among all states. Sixteen states have banned life sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles; in a handful of other states, no one is serving the sentence."

Judge wants fresh start for once ‘irredeemable’ girl

"Jennifer was once considered irredeemable. Now I, the same judge who said she would die in prison, believe she deserves an opportunity to demonstrate her change before a proper parole or resentencing entity. She proves that we can never predict who a child will become as an adult and that we are all more than the worst thing that we have ever done."

Report Cites Failure to Act Against Abusers of Juveniles in Detention

"For more than a decade, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics has conducted anonymous surveys of youngsters in custody. Those surveys have produced startling estimates: that some 10 percent of children in detention have reported sexual abuse by either staff or peers, often repeatedly, and often at the hands of female guards who victimize boys."


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