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Project Witness VR Experience

"Experience PROJECT WITNESS, a virtual reality film exposing the realities of childhood incarceration in the United States. Focusing on the impact of solitary confinement, the placement of teenagers in adult facilities, and life-without-parole sentences for children, #ProjectWitness centers the lived experiences of dedicated advocates to give viewers an honest look at how children are treated in the criminal justice system."

An Algorithm That Grants Freedom, or Takes It Away

"In Philadelphia, an algorithm created by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania has helped dictate the experience of probationers for at least five years.

The algorithm is one of many making decisions about people’s lives in the United States and Europe. Local authorities use so-called predictive algorithms to set police patrols, prison sentences and probation rules. In the Netherlands, an algorithm flagged welfare fraud risks. A British city rates which teenagers are most likely to become criminals."

DC Court of Appeals Recognizes Right to Counsel for Youth Committed to DC’s Juvenile Agency

"Youth in the District of Columbia’s juvenile justice system now have a broader right to an attorney throughout their supervision by the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS). In a landmark decision, the DC Court of Appeals held in In re N.H.M. that youth have a right to paid representation under the Criminal Justice Act not only in proceedings before the Superior Court, but also in certain DYRS proceedings. N.H.M.—the youth who had been denied such counsel—was represented by Open City Advocates and Sidley Austin LLP in his appeal."

Cuyahoga County prosecutor defends prosecuting juveniles as adults amid ACLU criticism

"Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley said Monday that his office had no choice whether to prosecute juveniles as adults in nearly half of such cases last year."

"O’Malley and his staff could not pinpoint any extensive tracking or comprehensive review of the success rate of the juvenile court system, undertaken by the prosecutor’s office or the court."

Youth diversion programs helping to keep students out of 'school-to-prison pipeline'

"Schools and prisons probably shouldn’t have much in common, but research on what’s known as the 'school-to-prison pipeline' shows a concerning connection."

Charging juveniles as juveniles is better for them -- and us

"Habitually transferring juvenile offenders to adult court – as Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley seems to be doing - isn’t likely to make our communities safer and may, in fact, make them more dangerous.

The U.S. Department of Justice, in a 2011 bulletin on the laws regarding the transfer of juveniles into adult court, warned against 'blanket statements about their effects.' But, that document reads, 'insofar as these laws are intended to deter youth crime generally, or to deter or reduce further criminal behavior on the part of youth subjected to transfer, re­search over several decades has generally failed to establish their effectiveness.'"

Broken Contracts Report

"The Gault Court left it to states to determine how to implement the ruling and ensure the constitutional rights of young people. Many states further delegated the responsibility to counties, and even to individual courts. This has created a patchwork of approaches and systems for ensuring appointed counsel, meaning that the protection of children’s constitutional right to counsel varies greatly depending on where in the country—and even where within a state—a child faces delinquency charges."


"The Task Force was charged with making recommendations 'to promote reliable practices for eyewitness investigation and to effectively deter unnecessarily suggestive identification procedures, which raise the risk of wrongful conviction.'"

Opinion: I am proof that children shouldn’t be prosecuted in adult court

"When PCBF paid my bail, they changed my court case’s outcome and my life. Once I arrived home, I got to work. Within a month, I was working as a youth organizer with YASP. I talked to young people in schools, explaining my story and helping them stay out of the system. I canvassed and worked to repeal the laws that allowed me to be placed in an adult jail as a young person. At my first speaking engagement, I addressed 1,200 audience members and 20 City Council candidates. I helped launch the first youth Participatory Defense hub in the nation, where I support other young people and their families in navigating the court system every week."

Courts Work to Lower Ohio's High Rate of Girls in Detention

"Ohio ranks in the top eight states nationwide for the number of girls in youth detention facilities, and Cuyahoga County is now working to change that."


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