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Data points to disparities in how police use force against juveniles

"The use of force specifically on juveniles has not been widely studied, but research published in June by the Justice Policy Journal estimates force is used or threatened in more than 30 percent of juvenile arrests and race is not a big factor in determining whether suspects are likely to have force used against them."

Unsealed Fate: The Unintended Consequences of Inadequate Safeguarding of Juvenile Records in Maine

Column: Juvenile-justice reforms benefit youths, would-be victims

Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy: A Resource for Juvenile Defense Attorneys

The Color of Youth Transferred to the Adult Criminal Justice System: Policy & Practice Recommendations

Reentry Starts Here

Disability Rights Ohio files federal lawsuit against child residential treatment facility Buckeye Ranch for denying access to facility, children

Debtors' Prison for Kids

Courts in most states charge juveniles to exist inside the justice system. This movement wants to change that.

Right to be forgotten: Cleveland.com rolls out process to remove mug shots, names from dated stories about minor crimes