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Franklin County to eliminate current juvenile probation jobs; employees will have to reapply for new roles

"About 64 Franklin County Juvenile Court probation department employees will be affected next year when their jobs are eliminated and and they have to seek positions with vastly different, more complex responsibilities as part of a plan to transform the way juveniles are supervised. The new Community Restoration Services Department will operate under the idea that juveniles fare better and the community stays safer when support is emphasized over incarceration."


"Young people convicted as adults face a ‘life sentence’ of registry restrictions, attorneys say."

Characteristics and Trends of Delinquency Cases Resulting in Probation

"Between 2005 and 2017, probation was the most common outcome for delinquency cases that received a sanction."

Characteristics of Cases Judicially Waived from Juvenile Court to Criminal Court

"Despite a recent increase, the number of cases judicially waived in 2017 was 42% less than the number in 2005."

Juvenile Arrests, 2017

"Overall, juvenile arrests have been on the decline for more than a decade, but patterns vary by demographic group and offense." 

A Right to Liberty: Juvenile Cash Bail Reform

"The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) is launching a project, A Right to Liberty, with its partners to address the use of cash bail in juvenile courts and ensure that children’s liberty interests are secured."

Felony murder: Charging black teens for their friend’s death is a crime

"In fact, the United States is the only country in the world in which felony murder still exists."

Former Prosecutor Has Change Of Heart About Cyntoia Brown

"Cyntoia Brown didn't know Preston Shipp and the Appellate Prosecutor didn't know her. He was working at the Tennessee Attorney General’s office and says it was just another case that came across his desk. Shipp read the case file and recommended Brown stay in prison and not be granted parole.

Then, in a twist of fate, Shipp started teaching periodically at the prison college run by Lipscomb University and had Cyntoia Brown as a student. He says by then, 'She was already a transformed person.' The decision to deny her parole came down that same semester. Shipp explains, 'We each got a copy of the opinion and class rolled around Wednesday night and there she was in the hallway. I had been on the other side and argued that she needed to be caged until she was 67 years old.'

Shipp did all he knew to do. He apologized adding, 'I said I didn't know who you were, your story. I didn't know about the story of trauma and abuse and violence.'"

More than half of Michigan juvenile lifers still wait for resentencing

"Three years after SCOTUS ruled that juvenile lifers should have the chance to come home, 55% in Michigan are still waiting to go before a judge."


Model Policy: Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex Youth in Confinement Facilities

"The recommendations in the model policy are grounded in a series of guiding principles that embody emerging professional consensus promoting gender affirming approaches in youth serving systems. The principles counter common misconceptions about gender and provide a framework for accommodating the needs of youth across the full spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and intersex status. Agencies and facilities can expressly incorporate these principles in their own policies and/or training on the implementation of their policies."


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