Administrative Division

Our Mission

The mission of the Administrative Division is to provide quality support services that are responsive to the agency’s needs, goals, and objectives, and accountable to the public concern. Much of the Division provides the necessary services common to most state agencies, including fiscal and accounting, personnel and training, management information systems, purchasing, fleet management, and delivery. In addition, the Administrative Division also provides services specifically mandated by O.R.C. §120, including: collecting reimbursement from the counties for legal services provided by the Ohio Public Defender; processing reimbursement to the counties for indigent defense programs; producing educational seminars and conferences; and maintaining the office’s library. Sharon Flynt supervises this division.
The Administrative Division consists of five departments: Fiscal, Human Capital Management, Legal Resource Center, Management Information Systems, and Office Services.
Andrew Plagenz, Deputy Director/Chief Fiscal Officer
The Fiscal Department provides accounting services such as payroll, purchase order processing, revenue collection, financial reporting, and record-keeping. Fiscal staff provide division heads and the director with monthly updates on their respective budgets and personal service contracts. The staff also create and publish an annual financial report in order to provide a permanent budgetary history of the Office of the Ohio Public Defender.
Human Capital Management
Elisa Lenssen, Department Director
The Human Capital Management Department provides overall direction in HR operations, talent management, benefits administration, and labor relations. Our mission is to identify, develop, and deliver human capital services and products to agency employees; generate human capital data and information for agency administrators; and serve as advocates for agency employees. 
Legal Resource Center
Lisa Ostrolenk, Department Director
The Legal Resource Center is the OPD’s library, which the office is required to maintain under O.R.C. § 120.04. The library contains more than 1,000 titles, and includes reporters, books, digests, seminar materials, periodicals, audio/video, expert witness lists, law review articles, and news clippings. Every OPD employee has access to computer assisted legal research databases. The Legal Resource Center supplements its collections and services with the resources of the Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library, the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio Historical Society Archives Library, the Ohio State University Libraries, and the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries.
The Legal Resource Center serves the staff of the central office, branch and regional offices, county public defender offices, appointed counsel, the private bar, and Ohio’s prisoners.
Management Information Systems
Aaron Boyarko, Chief Information Officer
The Management Information Systems Department manages all OPD computer systems and provides training and support to OPD employees, utilizing cutting-edge technology hosted through the State of Ohio Computer Center. The staff coordinates the development of multiple custom applications to ensure case organization, workflow, availability, security, and data protection, and provides reliable, premiere service to multiple branch offices located throughout the state. The Department also assists outside entities, such as the county public defender offices, with network designs, technology advancements, and project planning.
Office Services
Dennis Taylor, Department Director
The Office Services Department provides agency-wide support services, including purchasing and maintaining equipment and supplies, managing agency inventory and records, fleet management, planning office space and facilities, telecommunications, managing copying and scanning projects, and delivery services.