Franklin County Criminal Law Casebook

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David L. Strait and the Franklin County Public Defender Office

R.C. 2930.01 -- Definitions.
R.C. 2930.02 -- Exercise of victim's rights by representative.
R.C. 2930.03 -- Means of giving notice to victim; notice of changes.
R.C. 2930.04 -- Information to be given to victim by investigating law enforcement agency.
R.C. 2930.05 -- Notice of arrest of defendant; affidavit concerning violence or intimidation.
R.C. 2930.06 -- Prosecutor to confer with victim and provide information; notice of court proceedings.
R.C. 2930.07 -- Concealment of victim's or representative's address, telephone number and similar identifying facts.
R.C. 2930.08 -- Notice of substantial delay in prosecution; victim's objections.
R.C. 2930.09 -- Presence of victim at proceedings; individual providing support.
R.C. 2930.10 -- Minimization of unwanted contact between prosecution and defense sides.
R.C. 2930.11 -- Return or retention of victim's property.
R.C. 2930.12 -- Notice of acquittal or conviction; inclusion of impact statement in presentence investigation report.
R.C. 2930.13 -- Victim may make written or oral statement to person preparing impact statement.
R.C. 2930.14 -- Victim may make statement prior to sentencing; defendant's opportunity to respond.
R.C. 2930.15 -- Notice of filing of appeal; victim's rights after reversal.
R.C. 2930.16 -- Notice of defendant's incarceration and release date; prior notice of events affecting release or of defendant's escape or death.
R.C. 2930.17 -- Victim's statement prior to granting of shock probation.
R.C. 2930.18 -- Prohibited actions by employer of victim.
R.C. 2930.19 -- Prosecutor's duty to seek compliance; effect of violations; conflicting statutes; incarcerated victims.
For numerous Court of Claims cases on awards to victims of crimes see 91 Ohio Misc. 2d 79-194.

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