Evidence Rule 411


Franklin County Criminal Law Casebook

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Evidence Rule 411 -- Liability Insurance
Beck v. Cianchetti (1982), 1 Ohio St. 3d 231 -- Paragraph two of the syllabus: "Evid. R. 411 allows cross-examination on facts which may show bias, interest or prejudice or a witness, even though it may disclose the existence of liability insurance in a personal injury action." Also see Hubner v. Sigall (1988), 47 Ohio App. 3d 15, 21; Carney v. Knollwood Cemetery Assn. (1986), 33 Ohio App. 3d 31, 38.
State v. Laub (1993), 86 Ohio App. 3d 517 -- Witness at the scene of an accident quoted defendant as saying he did not have insurance. While this would not have been admissible on issues of negligence or wrongful conduct, it was properly admitted on the issue of ownership or control of the vehicle involved in a fatal accident.

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