Help Desk

The Office of the Ohio Public Defender has a dedicated staff ready to assist users with all issues involving OPD Online. This includes:

  • Login errors and password resets.
  • Application issues and/or questions.
  • Onboarding new users.
  • Bugs or issues with the application.
For all urgent matters, contact the OPD Online staff via telephone during normal business hours. For all other questions or issues, email the OPD Online Help Desk at Sending an email to the OPD Online Help Desk will automatically create a ticket for tracking your issue, which allows the OPD Online team to solve your issue in a timely and effective manner. Only current OPD Online users are able to email the Help Desk.

    OPD Online Help Desk
    Hours of live support:
    Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Main telephone number: 614-644-1599

OPD Online Account and Password Setup (Non-State Employees)

Change an Expired Password
Your State of Ohio password will expire every 3 months and will need to be reset. To do so, go to
    In the username field, type in your user ID:
    In the password field, type in your old password.
This will prompt you to re-enter your old password and set a new password. You will be notified if the password change was successful.

Forgot or Lost Password
To make resetting lost passwords easier, first register for the password self-service portal: Aside from the three-month required password resets, if you want to be able to reset your own password, you first must register your account with the State of Ohio. Please go to and follow the steps to register for the self-service portal.

To reset a password after it has been registered: Go to and follow the steps on that page, including answering the security questions you previously set.

To reset a password that was NOT previously registered: Please submit a help desk ticket at You will need to provide your Date of Birth and last four digits of your Social Security Number.