What is OPD Online?

OPD Online is a web-based application designed to provide public defenders throughout the State of Ohio with a tool to manage contacts, cases, documents, and billing. The core of OPD Online is a shared contact database of every person involved in the criminal justice and juvenile justice system. Offices can create cases related to those contacts to track and organize the work they do for their clients. Then, users can relate documents, notes, billing information, and events and to-do lists to each case, providing a way to track all activity related to that case in one easy-to-navigate place.

Because OPD Online is a web-based application, a user can access the system from a laptop or tablet from any location with an internet connection. Whether in court, visiting a client in jail, or just making some quick case notes while traveling, attorneys can be mobile and still have real-time access to their case files and calendar. The system will eliminate the need for an attorney to carry bulky paper client files, large documents, and paper calendars everywhere they go. With real-time access, support staff can update an attorney’s calendar, and the attorney will be able to see the information on their calendar within seconds of the change.

OPD Online provides tracking, reporting, mail merging, and other tools needed for daily office functions. With these features, OPD Online will streamline the way attorneys do work for their clients, and it will either simplify data collection and processing, altogether eliminating the need for public defender offices to send monthly case reports back to our office.  

Is OPD Online available?

OPD Online is currently in the final stages of development. While we finalize the application, we're focusing on deploying the system to our own branch offices. Once we've finished the core application and tested it in our own offices, we'll offer the application to county public defender offices. While we roll out to larger indigent-defense offices, we'll be re-vamping our billing and reimbursement system to tie into OPD Online. Once that's done, we will deploy the application to appointed counsel and to other parties involved in processing appointment bills. This is a very big goal, and we're taking it one step at a time. Keep your eyes on this space to watch for news about OPD Online's development and deployment.

How does my office get OPD Online?

Because OPD Online is still in development, we are not currently deploying the system to new offices. However, once the system is finished, we intend to roll the system out to every office and every attorney working in Ohio's indigent defense system. If you have any questions about our long-term deployment goals, please contact Stephen Goldmeier at 614-644-1630.


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